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2R - Hardwares and Electronics
2R - Hardwares and Electronics
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Name:Mrs. Rosesana Go [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: rosesana Y!: rosesana
Google Talk:  rosesana  rosesana
WhatsApp: 08165443875 08165443875
LINE: 08165443875 08165443875
Mobile Number:+62 - 816-544-3875 [hunting]
Phone Number:+62-31-83141516
Fax Number:+62-31-3764835
Surabaya 60142, Jawa Timur
email: rosesana@ yahoo.com / rosesana@ gmail.com / BBM: 75ce08fc
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Registration Date:Dec. 07, 2004
Last Updated:Jul. 16, 2015
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Electronics & Electrical category

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Company Brief

# 1 Online Technology Shopping.
2R Hardware and Electronics is a commercial reseller / retailer leading to product / high tech goods include: Robot Kit and accessories, RFID and Smart cards, electronic components, both analog and digital, sensors and modular, electronic office equipment, Display / LED / clock / timing devices, Networking-Communications ( wire-wireless-Fiber Optic) , embedded microcontrollers and microprocessors, PLCs, Power suppliy, electronic measuring equipment ( multimeter, oscilloscope, laser distance etc) , toolset and kits, and special products with many kinds and type of manufacturer or assembler source commercial software ( OEM / ODM) . For further information please contact via email Rosesana [ at] yahoo.com / info [ at] rosesana.com / Rosesana [ at] gmail.com
Website: rosesana.com
Official site: http: / / www.rosesana.com
Mirror: http: / / rosesana, 16mb.com
http: / / rosesana.netau.net
blogger site: http: / / 2r-he.blogspot.com
magazine site: http: / / rosesana.com/ mag
Arduino : http: / / arduino.rosesana.com
RFID site: http: / / rfid.rosesana.com
ROBOT site: http: / / robot.rosesana.com
Dino-lite: http: / / dino-lite.rosesana.com
email( s) : rosesana@ yahoo.com / rosesana@ gmail.com / facebook@ rosesana.com
Telp: + 62-31-83141516 / 0851-08-141516
HP/ Whatsapp/ LINE: + 62- 0816.544.3875
BBM: 75ce08fc
fax: + 62-31 - 3764835
Transaction procedures: ( likes ebay)
1. Final agreement about price, guarantee and goods condition
2a. Buyer pay cash the price ( general transaction) or
2b. Buyer pay the price via T/ T Bank BCA a/ c: 724 0022 383 - Rosesana Go or Bank Mandiri a/ c: 140.00.0680105.5 Rose Sana Go
3. Confirm your payment via SMS ( 08165443875) or e-mail: rosesana@ yahoo.com
4. We check our account
5. If OK' s, we send goods via TIKI ( or others) . Delivery time 3 - 4 working days

Major Products / Services
  • Networking Equipment
    Networking Equipment
    Router modul memory cable power supply transceiver AUI wireless
    wavelan ap antenna lightning splitter AP pigtail ampli booster hub
    switchhub digital camera ic electronic box Enclosure wifi orinoco pc card voip genset
    http:/ / www.indonetwork.co.id/ rosesana
    e-mail : rosesana@yahoo.com

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